Amit’s Mantra

“Success is like a drink on the journey towards happiness. Risk is, you could get drunk.”

The Growth Mantra

  • Growth in an enterprise is created through remarkable achievements, not incremental achievements like efficiency or effectiveness.
  • Remarkable Achievements are possible only in Complexity!
  • Only Volitional engagement works in Complexity. There is no certainty in complexity. Hence, Motivational engagement does not work for long.
  • People who make Choices based on the Purpose can only be volitionally engaged – They are the Growth Managers, the Leaders!

The Growth Mantra builds upon the Stacey’s Matrix1 of Certainty & Agreement. The Mantra was developed by studying the application of motivation or volition theory to different kinds of tasks required, to ensure Sustained Profitable Growth.

Stacey's Matrix and Engagement type that fits a Task Content

My purpose is to help you build organisations2 that are more like the forest in springtime Fontainebleau rather than Kolkata in the summer. It is gratifying for me to have happy people around me, and hence, I help you find not only success but happiness too!