Amit’s Story

“There is only one leader you develop  -  yourself. Companies and governments don’t develop leaders; nor do schools and colleges. Leaders are made when people discover and express their own authority. Amit has been there and done it himself. He has been a student, colleague, and a correspondent for many years and now, with his book, he becomes my teacher too.”

Jonathan Gosling
‘Emeritus Professor of Leadership Studies at Exeter Business School’

Change | Growth Facilitator - Executive Coach

Amit served as the Managing Director of Sartorius group companies in India since 2002 and also as a Group Vice President for its global Integrated Solutions business. He helped build the company in India from a start-up status to its current position. The Indian subsidiary today is the only global hub outside Germany for Engineering solutions, R&D and managerial development. A post graduate in Chemistry, Amit holds a Diploma in Practicing Management from INSEAD and a Master of Management from McGill.

After 35 years in the industry, he hung up his managerial boots to devote his full time as a Growth Facilitator & Executive Coach to top managers and company boards. Amit is passionate about developing people, organisations and businesses. As a manager, he perfected the art of making himself redundant by developing leaders and professionals who could run the business and organisation thereafter.

Today, Amit is particularly focused on mentoring management teams running foreign subsidiaries in India. He specialises in supporting the top management in attaining transformational goals for their subsidiaries in India. He helps the local subsidiary in execution of their strategic objectives through developing sustainable leadership and management practices.

Amit is also a published author on practicing management and leadership. His first book, ‘ASCENT – A Practising Manager’s Growth Mantra’ was published by Random House India in 2014. While he continues to write on management & leadership practice, he lectures on Leadership & Change Management at various industry conclaves and at business schools like IIM Bangalore. But, he is neither a teacher nor a consultant. He is a practitioner, always available as a confidante for you to finesse your ideas, unravel your dilemmas, help you discover options and make choices. Choices that creates Growth and Happiness!

Amit lives in Bangalore, India with his wife Arpita and considers their son and daughter their biggest investment in life. He believes in success being a mere milestone in the journey towards happiness.