"I write to express my thoughts triggered by the events of today, articulate what life or management teaches me everyday and to sharpen my conclusions. Writing makes me stay with the choices I make. It makes me look further into the haze we call future as it is for the future that we make our choices today."


“An alternative approach to management, moving away from the ‘meeting expectations' way to a 'beyond expectations' way. Ascent provides a Growth Mantra for managers and how they can emerge as leader-managers through investment in complexity and volition. It is a must-read for all those managers who want to grow and become effective leaders.

You don’t need an MBA or have a job with a top company to be a good manager. Amit Chatterjee, in his provocative and contemplative book explains how managers can excel beyond expectations. He urges managers to act of their own volition and shows how to transcend from being managers to leaders”
- Random House India